Oral Oncology

The term oral disease joins malignancies of the mouth development and the pharynx. A couple of sorts of tissue make up the mouth and oropharynx. Each tissue involves a couple of sorts of cells. Development can make from any of these cell sorts. It is basic to perceive what kind of tumor and how it is managed. More than 9 out of 10 mouth and oropharyngeal tumors are squamous cell carcinoma. Avoid nourishment low in vitamin A has been associated with oral development, in a couple of surveys Press need associated with Plummer-Vinson issue causes a raised risk for squamous cell carcinoma of the throat, oropharynx and back mouth. Most examples of mouth sickness are associated with tobacco and alcohol. Cigarette, stogie and pipe smoking are the rule sorts of tobacco use in many parts of the world. 

  • Oral Epidemiology and Risk Factors
  • Atomic Pathogenesis of Oral disease
  • Chemotherapy of oral disease and its symptoms
  • Avoidance of oral diseases
  • Tobacco and oral infections
  • Oral and craniofacial infections
  • Radiotherapy - Complications in Radiotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Focused on Therapy
  • Photodynamic Therapy

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