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Dr. Faaiz Alhamdani
Dr. Faaiz Alhamdani
Head of Clinical Sciences
Ibn Sina University for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Assistant Prof. Dr. Faaiz Alhamdani finished his PhD in Newcastle University, UK in 2012. Part of his PhD project was qualitative study on patients’ experiences with blow-out fractures of the orbit. Since then he became interested in qualitative research methodologies. Beside his interest in qualitative research he is also interested in educational research and quality of life research, particularly in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He works now as Head of Clinical Sciences, College of Dentistry, Ibn Sina University for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Baghdad-Iraq He joined IADR 2010. From 2010-2016 he worked as Iraqi Division Secretary. On August 2016 he was elected as President of Iraqi Division. From 2012 he co-organized most of Iraqi Division (IAOR) events and in August, 2017 he was the main organizer and President of the 4th IAOR Scientific Conference in Antalya Turkey. He is also member of The American Association for Advancement of Sciences.

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